Sprightly Escapes: The Ultimate Denver Escape Room Experience!

Sprightly Escapes: The Ultimate Denver Escape Room Experience!

Sprightly Escapes is the ultimate Denver escape room!

SPRIGHTLY: full of life; 
lively, animated, vivacious,
brisk, playful


What's an escape room, you ask?

It's simple...
You and your group (friends, family, co-workers, strangers, anyone!) are immersed into a themed experience. You have 60 minutes to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately escape the room. Consider it a real-life puzzle challenge. Live escape games are awesome, trust us.

Escape Room Puzzles and Mental Challenges

Escape Room Puzzles and Mental Challenges

What sets Sprightly Escapes apart from other Denver escape rooms?

We focus on getting a few key factors right:
Personal Touch

Simply put: We care about you and your experience. 
From the second you visit our website to the moment you leave 1455 Quince Street, your experience is our top priority.

Themed Experience
Whether it's an abandoned motel or an escape to prehistoric times, we bring the scene to life through immersive visuals, sounds, and themed puzzles. We sweat the details and give you the opportunity to escape to a new reality. And on top of that, we'll ensure your adrenaline is pumping but promise there is nothing in the room to scare you.

Puzzle Design and Variety
Our rooms include a variety of creative puzzles and challenges that are sure to work your brain muscles. 
Get ready to think outside of the box - that's the name of this live escape game.

Love of the Game
Last but certainly not least... We are true game nerds. 
We bring our passion to life through our live escape game, and we provide you the opportunity to tap into your inner challenge enthusiast, too.

For our Corporate, Non-Profit, and School Team Friends:

Meaningful Team-Building
We guarantee that our team-building experience will improve the way your team operates.  We don't just simply throw you in a room and see if you can escape.  We facilitate an earnest team-building activity that ensures folks learn more about themselves and their teammates throughout the process.  Our philosophy is that strong team culture breeds effective teams, and our passion is helping teams build that culture.
Learn more about our approach and contact us on our Team-Building page.