Escape Room Blogging from Denver: First Blog Post Up and Running!

Sprightly Escapes: The Ultimate Denver Escape Room

Well hello, fellow escape artists - or soon to be escape artists, perhaps! Kara and Denise here at Sprightly Escapes. Thanks for reading!

Here’s the sitch (a.k.a. situation for those less “hip” folks out there): We’ve had “Write Blog” on our to-do list for, well, the past five months but running our escape rooms got the best of us. We finally have our feet under us and feel like it is appropriate to start a blog of sorts to highlight Sprightly shenanigans.

What are Sprightly shenanigans, you ask?

Well, we’re not exactly sure either.

We’re thinking this space will serve as a platform for us to share awesome Sprightly stories and adventures. Here are a few quick thoughts as to what you’ll see here…

  • Escape Room Adventures: We obviously love playing escape rooms so we’ll try our best to highlight the ones we play. Why not share the good word, eh?
  • Escape Room Owner Stories: We have a plethora of content as Denver escape room owners. For example, did you know that we’ve officially had not one, but TWO, diaper changes in Mission Improbable. Apparently babies can’t hang with the dinos. Anywho, that’s for another day, but that’s an example of something we certainly weren’t expecting prior to joining the Escape Room Owner Club. Nonetheless, we love babies and their diaper-changing mommas that have hung out with us. PS. Don’t worry, we obviously won’t include any info about our customers or their games. We love our Sprightly family with our whole hearts so you won’t see any specifics about the escape artists that play our games.
  • Escape Room Tidbits: We’ll probably share some tidbits or pieces of info regarding escape rooms. We’re all about geeking out over the awesomeness of puzzle rooms so why not share things that we read or stumble across?
  • #solveitsunday Answers: Who doesn’t love riddles, anyways? We’ll try to post the answer to our Social Media Sunday riddle each week. Follow along on Facebook with @SprightlyEscapes if you’re not sure what this is all about.
  • Other Nonsense: There’s literally no telling what else we’ll come up with. Get. Excited.

So get pumped, folks. The Sprightly Shenanigans blog is officially UP. AND. RUNNING. Expect incredibly witty and creative content every week or two.

That’s all for now!

Escape room love,
Kara and Denise
Sprightly Escapes, Co-Owners