Running an Escape Room in Denver: Plot + Puzzles = Love

Hello from Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience!

So… we’re pretty confident that we have approximately 1.2 million weekly readers at this point. In fact, most major newspapers have already called to ask if we can do some guest blogging for them, you know, since we’re blogging celebrities now.

Note: the above two sentences are both lies.

But seriously, thanks for checking us out again. Even if our only readers happen to be a handful of folks who are family members, we’re good with that. We’re just excited to spread some escape room love, share some owner stories and tidbits here and there, and of course showcase answers to our #solveitsunday riddles.

What’s in store for this week’s Sprightly Shenanigans, you ask?

Well we recently closed up shop for some family festivities in Florida, so we decided to play as many escape rooms as we could possibly squeeze in. #addicted

We try to make it a point to play puzzle and escape rooms as often as possible, particularly outside of the Denver area. It keeps us grounded in the customer experience and we learn something new each and every time we play. Plus, we’re #addicted, remember? Key take-aways from this trip include the below (Disclaimer: these are seemingly no-brainers but are definitely good reminders for things that we think make a great escape room experience):

  • Customer service matters. A lot. Have you ever played an escape room or gone to do something that’s supposed to be awesomely fun, but you walk in and it feels like you’re checking in to your routine physical at your doctor’s office? Maybe some doctor’s office waiting rooms and check-in procedures are personable, creative and loads of fun, but we think that’s largely not the case. Unfortunately we had an escape room experience like this last week. It literally felt like a waiting room with a reception. Not ideal, folks. Not ideal.
    • It’s also worth noting that we had some pretty awesome, personable and unique customer service experiences that were game-changers and definitely lead us to play multiple rooms at those locations. It definitely wasn’t all bad :-)
  • Plot + puzzles = love. For all you enthusiasts out there, this is probably music to your ears. We’ve played a few escape rooms that have ridiculously awesome set designs that truly take you to a different scene for an hour. So important and so awesome. We have also played rooms where the puzzles are genius… Clever, challenging (but not too challenging) and aligned to the theme. It’s rare that you can play a room that finds a strong balance of both of these things, but geez, it’s magical when you find it. The rooms we played this week reminded us what it feels like as a customer when you experience PLOT + PUZZLES = LOVE … and also what it feels like when the mark is missed.

So yeah, good times were had by all (mostly), and here at Sprightly Escapes, we’re committed to continuing to put people first and to creating escape rooms that focus on plot AND puzzles. Let us know if we don’t ever make this happen. Seriously. And if you haven’t experienced both of our escape rooms in Denver, then what the heck are you waiting for?

Cue awkward transition…

Now, to wrap this thing up let’s switch gears to a little #solveitsunday action. Here’s the deal: each Sunday we post a riddle of sorts to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Now that we have Sprightly Shenanigans up and running we’ll include the answers in our blogs every week or two. So many folks are dying to learn the correct answers, after all.

This week’s riddle:

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Answer: (drum roll, please…)


Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Yay for all your riddlers out there and an extra yay for the Sprightly Escapes fam who checked out this week’s Sprightly Shenanigans!

Until next time, puzzlers -
Kara and Denise