Escape Room, Denver: #solveitsunday and such

Hello again from your favorite Denver escape room!

Hello wonderful escape room enthusiasts (or soon-to-be enthusiasts)! Denise and Kara, here. Thanks for checking out this week’s Sprightly Shenanigans post. Wahoo!

Not going to lie, this post will be a short ’n sweet one, but hopefully it will be just as riveting. Here are some highlights this week from good ole Sprightly Escapes…

This weekend was a blast, and we had lots of folks come in to play our escape rooms. From newbies to ole pros, a good time was had by all. I mean, who doesn't love saving dinosaurs (Escape Room: Mission Improbable) and being stranded at an old motel (Escape Room: Weekend Get-AWAY)?!

Team-Building in Denver

We’re gearing up for a week of some pretty stellar team-building which we love, love, love. #shamelessplug - Drop us a note if you’re looking for a fun, unique team-building experience in Denver. We’ve both done a lot of culture building work in our non-profit/ education backgrounds, so we definitely infuse that into team-building experiences at Sprightly Escapes. Love it.

On the team-building note, major shout out to our Starbucks friends who came by to play both of our escape rooms. Two takeaways from this group: 1) Sheesh they are just awesome individuals! Period. and 2) The culture on this team is amazing. We work with a lot of different teams, so we have the opportunity to help groups think about team dynamics and such. Long story short, this is a pretty stellar group of folks who genuinely enjoy each other’s company, want to work together, and have each other’s backs. So cool.

Anywho, let’s get things shakin' with the answer to this week’s #solveitsunday riddle!

Drumroll please….

#solveitsunday riddle:

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Answer: your breath

Cue really cute dog running...

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience #solveitsunday

Shout out to those of you who flexed those brain muscles to solve this one!

Thanks again, escape room world. We’ll see you soon at Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience! 

Happy puzzling,
Denise and Kara

PS. Only a couple of more days to use the promo code OCTOBER for a discount at checkout. Expires 10/31/16! So yeah, book your next escape room at Sprightly ASAP. :-)