Escape Rooms in Denver: The Best Holiday Activity… or at least we think so!

The holiday season is in full force which means delicious food and beverages and lots of time with family, friends and loved ones (whether we like it or not, folks). Here at Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience, we happen to think that our escape rooms make an awesome holiday gift and the perfect holiday activity – maybe we’re biased though? Nah.

Top 10 Reasons Why an Escape Room at Sprightly Escapes is the Perfect Holiday Activity

We're so excited about holidays at Sprightly Escapes that we've pulled together a list of why YOU should be equally excited. #getpumped

10. Experience gifts are awesome.

Experience gifts are a nice switch-up from your typical physical gifts. Holidays are about spending time with your friends, family and loved ones, so we think it’s awesome to shake things up a bit from the traditional gift.

9. Sprightly Escapes has immersive escape rooms.

Our escape rooms immerse you into a new reality. Nothing is meant to scare you in the room by any means, but your adrenaline is sure to be pumping while you play our live escape games. Why not escape to a new reality for an hour this holiday season?

8. Pre-historic times and abandoned motels: What more could you ask for?

Speaking of immersive escape rooms, here at Sprightly Escapes we give you the opportunity to either go back in time to help save the dinosaurs OR test your luck in an abandoned motel.

7. Sprightly Escapes: This Denver escape room is good for most ages.

Our escape rooms offer a little something for just about everyone. While kids age 10+ tend to be most engaged in the room, our escape rooms are fun for kids, parents, and your favorite granny! Bring the whole family!

6. Escape rooms are good for the muscles… the BRAIN muscles!

Hopefully your holiday is filled with lots of delicious food and beverages, so you’ll likely be looking to flex some muscles… some brain muscles, that is. Our puzzles are challenging and are sure to work those brain muscles of yours!

5. Enough with the holiday movies!

We all love holiday movies, but let’s be honest, there are only so many you can watch. Get out of the house and try something new this holiday season!

4. Hot chocolate is yummy!

We’re located right next to our Quince Essential Coffee friends, and they have pretty awesome hot cocoa that you can drink after you play. #supportlocalbusiness

3. Winner wall!

Here at Sprightly Escapes we are bringing back old fashioned Polaroid pictures. Escape one of our rooms, and we’ll snap your picture for our winner wall. Don't forget to wear you best holiday sweater!

2. Something new: No more fighting over politics or the TV remote!

Looking for a break in the political conversations? This experience brings folks together in a fun, unique way and allows you to take a break from those tense convos that we’re all tired of.

1. Locked in a room with family = awesome.

I mean, who doesn’t love being locked in a room with your family around the holidays? It’s sure to provide a new conversation topic for your holiday dinner… if you can each make it out in one piece of course.

Well if that doesn't get you #pumped for the holidays at Sprightly Escapes, we're not sure what will. And to make things even better... use promo code SPRIGHTLY HOLIDAYS at checkout for a discount.

Happy holidays folks!
Denise and Kara