The Fool-Proof Guide to Escape Rooms in Denver

Hey fellow escape artists... or soon-to-be escape artists! Hope you've had a grand week :-)

We're having an awesome Sunday here at Sprightly Escapes, full of newbies and ole pros. Lovin' every minute of it. Sunday just seems like a good day for puzzles and escape rooms, doesn't it? We think so.

So, folks, what's in store for our #sprightlyshenanigans blog today? We thought we'd re-share an article from our friends at 303 Magazine... who doesn't love them anyways? We sure did appreciate how they gave the scoop on different escape rooms in Denver, so if you haven't checked this out, it's worth a Sunday read.

Writer Cori Anderson also highlights a few specific escape rooms in Denver. Check out what she says about good ole Sprightly Escapes in her Writer's Choice section:

Sprightly Escapes: I love the indie feel that Kara and Denise provide the escape room scene. You can tell they have a true passion for puzzles and live escape experiences in particular, and it shows in their attention to detail in the rooms. I would find it impossible to have a bad hour in one of their rooms because their love for the game shows in every way. And though the other places in Denver take or let you take pictures on a phone, Sprightly uses an instant camera and posts your picture on the wall (but only if you complete the mission). -- Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine

Without further a-do, here's 303 Magazine's Fool-Proof Guide to Escape Rooms in Denver.

Enjoy the read and happy Sunday, folks!
Denise and Kara