It's fall (well, not quite yet), y'all! And what better way to celebrate than with an escape room?

Is anyone else feeling like it's basically Fall?

Cool mornings, football, sweatshirts, and pumpkin spice lattes will be here before we know it, friends. As we were thinking about some of our favorite Fall activities, escape rooms OF COURSE came to mind. But really, we played our first escape room ever (#thatwasliterally100escaperoomsago) when it was Fall. No lies.

Denver Escape Room | Team-Building in Denver

Denver Escape Room | Team-Building in Denver

So... picture this scene: You stroll out of bed and throw on that favorite hoodie of yours (and perhaps a light scarf if you're feeling really fancy). You make a cup of joe, grab your favorite book, light your new pumpkin scented candle, and cuddle up on the couch with your adorable kitten, Pickles. (Hopefully you like cats or there goes this scene...)

Anywho, then you hop in the car with your #bffs and head on over to Sprightly Escapes: The Denver Escape Room Experience. First, you make a pitstop at our neighbor's place (Quince Essential Coffee) where you treat yourself to some homemade chai or a White Mocha Pumpkin Spice latte (yummmm!). You chug it quickly (sure to give yourself a caffeine rush) and stroll into our 100 year-old quirky, yet awesome, Sprightly house where you are greeted by yours truly (i.e. Denise and/ or Kara) AND maybe you're even offered a piece of candy out of our orange and black Halloween bucket.... because Halloween will be here soon, too, ya know.

Is it creepy that we're offering you candy in the scene? Hmm, maybe. Maybe not. Just go with it.

From there, you attempt your escape from an abandoned motel (lights flickering, door locked, heart a-poundin'... you get it), and wa-la... you escape! You have a blast, you couldn't have had a better time... you're hooked on escape rooms. No big deal.

From there you head BACK to our neighbor to get yourself a pumpkin flavored scone or muffin because... well, why not? (Are there other Fall flavors besides pumpkin, by the way? It's all that's coming to mind...)

And blah, blah blah... the story goes on and you have the best Fall day ever.


Correct answer = yes.

So there we have it, an incredibly short blog post that 1) highlights our love for all things related to Fall and 2) reminds you to get your booty on over to Sprightly Escapes for the best time ever.

See you soon, escape artists!
Denise and Kara

PS. Here's a picture of that adorable kitten (Pickles) in the above scene:

Pickles! | Denver Escape Room | Team-Building in Denver

Pickles! | Denver Escape Room | Team-Building in Denver