Cheers to Good Humans! (Escape Room Edition)

You know when you encounter someone in life and after your interaction with that person you think to yourself, “Sheesh, I can tell that’s an amazing human being!”?! Well, this past week we’ve had some particularly awesome escape room groups come to Sprightly. Don’t get us wrong, we love each and every team that pays us a visit, but today we (Denise + Kara) looked at each other and said, “We’ve had such fun, amazing groups come through Sprightly this week!” Here are a few takeaways...

Awesome Escape Room Experiences

We started the week hosting a group of 5 retired tennis buddies who had never (like, ever) played an escape room… or anything remotely similar to a live escape game. Did they successfully escape? They sure didn’t. Did we share LOTS of laughs together? We sure did. We could tell this crew really cared about each other (yes, that sounds slightly cheesy but it was really adorable). Plus, they were Jokesters. Like, Jokesters with a capital J.  Such a fun-loving group of buddies who were a hoot to hang out with. This escape room team inspired us to 1) be awesome tennis players when we retire and 2) don’t take ourselves too seriously… ever. It’s more fun that way.

Team-Building Tuesdays

Then we moved into Tuesday where we had an absolute BLAST with the folks at Network Insurance Services. Not only was this an awesome team, but THEY WERE SUCH GREAT HUMANS (#themeofthisblog). As teammates, they totally trusted one another and challenged each other when it was appropriate. They celebrated, gave each other high fives, and loved a little friendly (but healthy!) competition among the team. Just like our time with our 5 retired tennis players, we shared tons of laughs with this crew. As soon as they left Sprightly that day, we looked at each other and said, “THAT WAS AN ABSOLUTE BLAST.” Check out this Denver team if you’re on the hunt for insurance-related things. We heart them.

A few other particularly awesome escape room groups from the week/ weekend included...

  • A college Programming Board – i.e. rockstar student leaders who work together to put on equally awesome events on campus.
  • A sweet, sweet family who was celebrating an 18th birthday and a 20 (or maybe 25!?) year wedding anniversary.
  • Enthusiasts who loved nerding out about the awesomeness of escape rooms.
  • A group of high school yearbook girls who were visiting from Texas. (They dominated by the way.)
  • Two of our favorite Sprightly fam members (plus a new friend we got to meet!) who love a good puzzle challenge.

The list of escape room awesomeness could absolutely continue, but we’ll save it for another time. We thought it’d be a fun Sprightly Shenanigans edition to highlight some of the amazing parts of humanity. It’s a rough time in our nation given everything that’s going on, so sometimes it’s helpful to take a pause and shout out the good things. And let's be honest, we love a lot of things about being the sole owners, designers and facilitators at Sprightly Escapes, but getting to know great people like this is certainly at the top of the list.

And on a related note, each of these groups TOTALLY played the way we suggested in our previous blog post: “Tips & Tricks to Make Your Escape Room Experience a Meaningful One”. Shameless plug if you haven’t checked it out.

So here's to great people. Be kind to each other. Be good humans. And keep playing escape rooms, friends.

Cheers Sprightly fam,
Denise and Kara