Olympics... and "The Fool-Proof Guide to Escape Rooms in Denver"... from our friends at 303 Magazine

Hellllllo wonderful Sprightly Fam! Kara and Denise here, your favorite escape room owners (wink wink). It's February, y'all. FEBRUARY. Say whatttt. And actually, it's February 18, which means it's almost March... which is CRAY. Anywho, how's 2018 treating you? Hopefully it's been filled with lots of escape room memories with friends, family and colleagues... and of course, hopefully you've been obsessing over the Winter Olympics. We often think to ourselves, "If we weren't busy with ole Sprightly Escapes, we'd definitely be Olympic Athletes." Denise tends to picture herself as a curler... Kara isn't quite sure but bobsledding seems pretty grand.

Shout out to you curlers out there:

Photo Cred: Time Magazine (Curling)

Photo Cred: Time Magazine (Curling)

And of course those awesome bobsledders:

Photo Cred: USA Today (Bobsledding)

Photo Cred: USA Today (Bobsledding)

Anywho, back to escape rooms...

We figured that instead of attempting to tell you anything new or ground-breaking, we'd just share some love for our 303 Magazine friends. First thing's first... they're just awesome. You should read their stuff all day errry day. And second, we really appreciated an article they previously published about escape rooms in Denver. We have a stellar community of escape rooms in the Denver area, and we love when magazines, bloggers, etc. spotlight the awesomeness of different puzzle rooms in town.

So... without further a-do (is that how you spell that?), here's a re-post from our friends at 303 Magazine. Enjoy and keep on keepin' on!

-Denise and Kara

The Fool-Proof Guide to Escape Rooms in Denver - Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine (March, 2018)

Read the full article here: https://303magazine.com/2016/10/guide-escape-rooms-denver/

Special Sprightly shout out: 

The Lowdown: Partners Kara and Denise prove that an indie escape room is possible, and more than that, a top competitor to the bigger businesses in Denver. Together they built their two puzzle rooms upstairs in their small home and are the only employees. They layer their clues in ways that require keen observation around the room in order to solve — a unique technique that gives an advantage to more kinds of people than the typical crossword crusher. Currently, the themes are Mission: Improbable (saving the dinosaurs by disarming a bomb set by an insane time traveler) and Weekend Getaway (you and your friends hope to check in to a hotel but find out there is something wrong.)

The Best Part: Once you enter the escape rooms here, you will be transported to your mission immediately with almost all of your senses captured by some clever contraption. Sounds, smells, textures and plenty of props combine to make your imagination escape from the reality of being in a small house right off east Colfax.
— Cori Anderson, 303 Magazine