We haven’t written a blog post in FOREVER… probably because we’ve been too busy playing escape rooms… and running Sprightly Escapes, too, of course (!!)

Well, it’s December 1st and we looked at each other and said, “OMG IT’S DECEMBER. WE HAVEN’T WRITTEN A BLOG POST IN YEARS.” First off, how is it December? Secondly, we know we have a really strong reader base for this ridiculously awesome escape room blog, so we apologize for letting down our followers. (Note: we know that only our best friends and family members read this… we’re not fooling ourselves).

Anywho, what’s on our mind today, you ask?


The past few months for us have felt like a whirlwind. We’ve been busy beavers at Sprightly (thank you, thank you, thank you for the support!). Tons of teams, lots of fun couples, many families who love (cough cough sometimes hate) each other (haha), enthusiasts, newbies and more. The past few months have been a blast and we’re ready for December, folks!

Escape Rooms in December... the perfect holiday activity obviously.

December typically consists of LOTS OF FAMILIES. Escape rooms are a fun holiday activity so we tend to have back-to-back families come through in December/ early January. This is both hysterical and stressful. Family: The people who know you best and who tell each other like it is. Siblings don’t hold back. Dads get picked on. Granny can't see anything. We’ve seen it all. Again… hysterical BUT STRESSFUL. We spend a full hour/ hour and a half with the folks that come to Sprightly so needless to say, we truly feel part of your family by the time all is said and done. We'll leave this topic right there ;-)

Aside from gearing up for the holiday season, we’ve played TONS of escape rooms over the past couple of weeks. Oh, did we tell you we took a short vacay? (see video below for our latest #solveitsunday post).


Anywho, so we took a mini-vacay because, well, we rarely close up shop but we definitely try to get some R&R whenever possible. We hung out at the beach (shameless plug #2 for the above video) and played as many escape rooms as we could possibly squeeze in. We need to update our escape room tracker (yes, we have a color-coded tracker for all of the puzzle rooms we’ve played), but we think we just hit 150 rooms played. YES, WE HAVE A PROBLEM. That’s why we made Sprightly Escapes, y’all.

We spent time back in the Gold Rush… had a dinner for two in Paris… took on some zombies… you know, totally normal vacay activity. Cheers to the other fellow addicts and escape room designers who create these experiences for folks like ourselves. We love, love, love it and we know others do, too.


What else...





Not gonna lie, the brain is hitting a writer’s block (how do authors write 1000-page novels anyways?), so instead of rambling on for another few paragraphs, we’ll call it quits while we’re (maybe) ahead.

Thanks for keeping us busy over the last few months – words will never express how grateful we are to have the opportunity to provide meaningful experiences to our Sprightly fam! Cheers to the holidays and happy escaping, friends.

Denise and Kara